Monday, March 19, 2012

Christmas (only 3 months later)

Well let's see, I have hundreds of pictures from the Christmas season this year, which is probably why I've been putting off posting any of them. So instead of documenting everything that happened, I will just pick a few of my faves to remember some of the highlights.

Beckam and Ty in their matching Christmas jammies from Grandma and Grandpa Ward.

Beckam visiting Santa on the Polar Express.

This was our first time doing the Polar Express, we had a lot of fun!!

This is by far the hightlight of this year's Christmas. My dad build Beckam his own life-size workbench. Our little B just loves using tools and they have to be real stuff-he doesn't go for the plastic fake stuff. So my dad made him a fully functioning workbench with a light above the pegboard, removable cubbies and bins, a paper roll on the side that comes up and over the work surface, and his own dustbuster vacuum on the side with the charger built in the it's holder. My dad is handy that's for sure, he totally went above and beyond what I was expecting and I'm looking forward to Beckam playing with it for many years to come!

Beckam helped decorate cookies for Santa. It was so much funner this year with Beckam being able to participate in all the holiday activities.

Uncle Mark read the kids 'The Night Before Christmas' before going to bed at Nana and Papa's house.

Like a lot of families, we always get Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve. And for as long as I can remember my brother, Casey, has always thrown a fit over his jammies and always asks for a 'monksuit'. He finally got his wish!! First year that he has been happy over his jammies, haha!!

Beckam and Grandma Caito on Christmas Day. Doesn't he look so studly.

Ryan brought home huge boxes from work and we made a fort for Beckam and then one for his cousins for Christmas.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Black Island Farms. Beckam had a blast going down the big slides.

Ok, so this may be borderline animal torture. But it has become a tradition in our family every year, and this year Jib joined the party! What good sports.

Friday, October 28, 2011

More Jib and Cabin

(Note that these pics of Jib are from a few months ago before we sent him off to "boot camp" at Kory's house. He is a lot bigger now.)

This was our first trip to the cabin this year and it was Jib's first time in the water. He did really great, especially with the water being so cold. The meadow up at our cabin had flooded from all the water this spring, so it gave us some good marsh to practice water retrieves in.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Beckam's 2nd Birthday

I know his birthday was a couple months ago, but better late than never. We had a lot of fun swimming at Papa and Nana's house for his birthday. Beckam LOVES swimming!! And luckily we had JUST finished unwrapping his presents when the rain came rolling in and we cleared out. That's the way to clear out a party fast, but it was just in time. Thanks everyone who came to celebrate with us!!

These are after his birthday, enjoying his new toys!

ONe of his favorite gifts, a blower. He loves having tools of his own to help his daddy.

He wasn't too sure about putting his face up to open flame. Smart boy.

Papa, Cici, and Beckam

Racecar cupcake-cake

Cousins, Beckam and Ty

Candy table

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

ER #4

Well, we thought we were doing good and had broken our streak of ER visits. I have saved all of his hospital bracelets and so far we have a 15 mo, 18 mo, 21 mo, and now a 2 yr. And to top it all off, we are in between insurances right now. Our new insurance starts up in 2 days, isn't that how life always happens? My little B-Man is pretty crazy to say the least. He's just a little too brave for his own abilities. This time he jumped off the couch after asking if he could and Ryan saying no, of course he did it anyway and somehow managed to slam right into the corner of the coffee table. (PS coffee table is leaving our house this week to be replaced with a soft, cushiony ottoman) We knew immediately that he needed stitches, there was a good-size hole in his forehead and you could see the layers of skin and muscle into what looked like his skull (just the membrane around the skull). He didn't even cry either, he was pretty chill through the whole process until we had to hold him down for the stitches. He does not like to be restrained. Anyway, they did a few inner sutures since it was so deep and then 5 stitches on the outside. And besides a new scar added to his forehead he will be just fine. So far we have tallied a glued forehead, stitches to his ear, and concussion with a CT Scan, and now stitches to his forehead. Please send good vibes our way so we do not have to visit that dang ER room again for a looong time!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer activities

We've had a lot of fun as a family this summer so far. Here are a few highlights.

This is Beckam's face when he is saying "cheese" to the camera.

I filled up the tub and went to grab my camera because Jib was chomping wildly at the running water. When I got back (I was literally gone like 2 seconds) Beckam decided to get in without me-PJ's and all!!

We had a fun BBQ with my friends right before Cassie had her baby. And isn't that the cutest picture of Beckam and Carson together?

Camping Memorial Day weekend. Very cold, but a lot of fun nonetheless. We love all our neighborhood friends! The Chambers' The Skeen's and The Wall's

Beckam and cousin Ty-Ty

Beckam and his cousins: Ridge, Ty, and Austin

Ragnar Relay up in Eden. Oh how that one mile killed me!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Meet Jib, the newest addition to our family. We picked Jib up a few weeks ago at 6 weeks old, and he's almost 8 weeks old now. He has grown so much is just a few weeks, but I guess that is to be expected for a lab puppy. He's been a great puppy so far. Of course, he keeps us at night and has had a few accidents, but overall I've been really impressed. He seems a lot more easy going than when Audi, our rat terrier, was a puppy. This is what Ryan has been waiting years for, his own hunting dog. We got him from a really good hunting pedigree line so we have high hopes for this little guy. But either way, you just can't deny an adorable puppy!

Beckam's new best friend

This is seriously how he likes to sleep. I put him on his bed, but he always inches to the wood floor where it's colder.